From hobby to empire.

2012 - Tonimay wins the 100 Squared designer search competition and enters the 100 Squared Westfield Sydney location.

2015 - Tonimay launches her online store.

2016 - Tonimay opens a 2nd location at 100 Squared Miranda.

2017 - Tonimay founder Laura wins the Bachelor 2017 series.

2018 - Tonimay opens her first stand alone store.

“Their have been a few pivotal moments which have transformed ToniMay into the bustling little empire it has become – the most significant was winning the 100 Squared search for Australia’s hottest up and coming label. I can remember sitting at my desk at my 9 to 5 and receiving the call to say I had won. 18 months on the job was well and truly gone and I work on my business full-time and have the opportunity to build it as big as my dreams!”

- Laura, ToniMay.