Indi Rose

A mother and daughter team.

Indi Rose Fashions’ evolvement to where it is today has been an exciting rollercoaster ride over the past few years!

Diana and Elisha mention “we launched our label in local markets and festivals, which we still love to do and worked from our family home – as you can imagine, lots of mess everywhere! As the year went on, we were given an amazing opportunity to be a part of 100 Squared Emerging Designer Market in Westfield Miranda. We were extremely ecstatic to even be considered; we applied and were luckily accepted. Gratefully we took hold of this opportunity and so our journey with 100 Squared began in December 2011 and is still continuing today!”

“Since launching our first ever full time retail concept with 100 Squared Westfield Miranda; we have had such a positive experience in all avenues of our business. This opportunity with 100 Squared has enabled us as a small business to gain exposure to an array of customers in a prominent position within a shopping centre; it has also enabled us to expand and grow our business. It is also great to be able to be a ‘point of difference’ amongst the surrounding retail franchise giants – where else would you get this leverage as an independent label! In addition to all of this, through the founder of 100 Squared, Justin Levy’s expertise, we have found ourselves constantly learning new things. Justin and his team has provided us with mentoring in all aspects of our business which we are ever so grateful for as it’s continually helped to evolve and guide our business in a positive direction.”

“We hope Indi Rose Fashion continues our journey with 100 Squared for years to come!”

Elisha and Diana, Indi Rose fashion.

Indi Rose Fashion continues to be with 100 Squared and last year established an online store and they continue to be a part of local markets and festivals.