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Posted on 26/9/2016

What is a Fashion Marketplace?

A fashion marketplace is an innovative new shopping concept that benefits both fashion retailers and consumers alike. Offering a vast range of fashion brands and lines, showcased in a single thriving retail space, fashion marketplaces allow consumers access to more products than one retailer alone could supply.

Versatility of location

Fashion marketplaces can be set up wherever there is available space to be leased, and offer the versatility of being able to be moved between different shopping hubs, which keeps the marketplace fresh and exciting. While shopping centres may increase or decrease in popularity over time, a shopping marketplace offers the benefit of always being on the pulse of fashion.

Leading fashion marketplace provider

100 Squared is a leading fashion marketplace provider, offering a global stage for talented designers to showcase their creations to a fashion forward audience. The company’s name is derived from the fashion platform they offer, which involves transforming 100 square metres of space into a unique retail concept. 100 Squared proudly offers luxurious boutique retail store fashion lines in an environment with the eclectic and relaxed feel of a local market.

Offering broad consumer appeal

The design concept delivered by 100 Squared allows retailers to market their lines to have the widest appeal to consumers, which not only leads to an increase in sales, but also provides a better shopping experience. As the marketplace is strategically located in an open area, it’s also more interactive for retailers and consumers.

Growing brands from a new fashion generation

Dedicated to growing brands from a new generation of fashion, 100 Squared sources fashion designers from garages, runways and markets. The company gives designers the opportunity to find a position in the fashion market, without having to invest in a retail store space, giving them an extra chance of finding success.

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