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Posted on 4/2/2015

Video selling with Pitchi

Thinking about taking your product online but underwhelmed by the usual options? There’s a new online selling site in town and it’s making a bit of a splash. Check out the innovative new platform that’s changing retail and making it a lot more fun.

Pitchi is an Australian online portal for aspiring and established entrepreneurs seeking to conquer the digital space. Instead of uploading images and text Pitchi uses video to sell products, making it an interactive and engaging experience for buyers that establishes a more personal connection with the seller.

The process is pretty simple. Film a 60-second-or-less video pitch (a “Pitchi”, get it) of the item you want to sell and upload it onto the site with a handful of descriptive tags. Your video can then be viewed, shared, and your product bought. The format encourages fresh ideas and innovative sales techniques, with videos telling the story of a product or brand.

It’s an especially useful tool for designers because video can tell the buyer more about your product than could ever be expressed in a limited image and text listing. You can model a product from every angle, display how it is worn, drapes or how it will look in a certain environment, and get some dream action shots.

As an honest and dynamic alternative to other online marketplaces, Pitchi also encourages the pursuit of virality through video sharing. Pitchi videos can be embedded into content management systems and shared across social sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. A recent Nielsen Australian Multi-Screen Report found that watching consumer uploaded videos is one of the most engaging and common activities of internet users across computers, tablets or mobile phones, so obviously this is going to benefit sellers embracing video.

It’s free to sell on Pitchi so head over and see if it’s right for you. In the meantime, here are a couple of examples of sellers making the most of this cool new video format.

Aspiring designers and new labels

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