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Posted on 14/10/2016

Why We Support Local Designers

At 100 Squared we believe in supporting the Australian fashion industry and take pride in being able to showcase local designers in our innovative fashion marketplace. Our retailing concept was created to nurture local designers, growing brands from a new generation of fashion.

How does 100 Squared support local designers?

With so many talented local designers aspiring to market their own labels without the financial backing to open a boutique, our retailing model is an investment in their future. Giving local designers the opportunity to sell their labels to a large retail market, without the expense of a shopfront, we offer them the head start they need to find their own niche in Australia’s fashion industry.

Why we believe local designers are so important to Australia’s fashion industry

It’s crucial for fresh new local talent to bring their inspiration and ideas to the melting pot that is Australian fashion, for the industry to evolve. Without having access to so many influential local designers, Australian fashion would lose its individuality and uniqueness.

What makes 100 Squared’s retailing concept so effective in supporting local designers?

By converting a blank canvass into a theatrical retail concept in some of the busiest city retail hubs, we give local designers direct access to a vast customer base. The layout of our marketplace allows local designers to have their own retail space, which they can customise to suit their label and branding, to most effectively showcase their fashion lines. We also provide marketing and sales opportunities to help local designers to grow.

Who are some of the local designers we support?

100 Squared supports designers sourced from garages and runways to local markets. Some of our popular local designers are Khaya Candles who specialise in home decor, Coco Liberace a leading local jewellery and accessory designer and fashion label Indi Rose  offering stylish, easy-to-wear fashion.

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