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Case Study

Grandma Funk – From markets to multi-store retail

The Grandma Funk brand began with a vision to create garments inspired by a bygone era. Melissa, the owner named the label after her stylish Grandmother who would often help her re-work and create her own garments and costumes for school. They would spend time sewing the garments and sourcing fabrics from vintage stores and weekend markets.

Grandma Funk originally launched at Melbourne Central’s monthly vintage fair and regularly featured in the summer festival circuit. Within a couple of years, 100 Squared became the new permanent home for Grandma Funk. Melissa states that “having a permanent hub for customers to experience the Grandma Funk brand became a pivotal moment in it’s rise to success”.

Originally, the Grandma Funk collection began with limited edition handmade garments from home, and re-worked vintage clothing. Grandma Funk further expanded its collection by producing its own line of garments with eccentric prints and signature pieces.

When 100 Squared opened a second location within Melbourne Central it was the perfect opportunity for Grandma Funk to expand and the menswear line Grandpa Funk was created. Melissa always envisioned expanding into menswear and producing a line that embodied the Grandma Funk philosophy. Melissa comments that “Grandma and Grandpa Funk use a lot of the same prints to compliment each other and in many cases, couples love to ‘twin’ and match their outfits by coordinating the same print”.

Overall Melissa says that “the brand owes so much of it’s success to 100 Squared, in just under 2 years Grandma Funk has gone from less than 10k fans to almost 65k fans on Facebook and counting”. The next chapter for Grandma Funk is opening an online store and hopefully the opportunity to expand in other parts of Australia and reach customers outside of Melbourne, Victoria.

Check out the Grandma Funk and Grandpa Funk stores at 100 Squared Melbourne city and 100 Squared Melbourne City II.


Grandma Funk

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