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Why We Support Local Designers

At 100 Squared we believe in supporting the Australian fashion industry and take pride in being able to showcase local designers in our innovative fashion marketplace. Our retailing concept was created to nurture local designers, growing brands from a new generation of fashion.

How does 100 Squared support local designers?

With so many talented local designers aspiring to market their own labels without the financial backing to open a boutique, our retailing model is an investment in their future. Giving local designers the opportunity to sell their labels to a large retail market, without the expense of a shopfront, we offer them the head start they need to find their own niche in Australia’s fashion industry.

Why we believe local designers are so important to Australia’s fashion industry

It’s crucial for fresh new local talent to bring their inspiration and ideas to the melting pot that is Australian fashion, for the industry to evolve. Without having access to so many influential local designers, Australian fashion would lose its individuality and uniqueness.

What makes 100 Squared’s retailing concept so effective in supporting local designers?

By converting a blank canvass into a theatrical retail concept in some of the busiest city retail hubs, we give local designers direct access to a vast customer base. The layout of our marketplace allows local designers to have their own retail space, which they can customise to suit their label and branding, to most effectively showcase their fashion lines. We also provide marketing and sales opportunities to help local designers to grow.

Who are some of the local designers we support?

100 Squared supports designers sourced from garages and runways to local markets. Some of our popular local designers are Khaya Candles who specialise in home decor, Coco Liberace a leading local jewellery and accessory designer and fashion label Indi Rose  offering stylish, easy-to-wear fashion.

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Contact us if you’d like further information about why we support local designers and, if you’re interested in marketing your label through us, apply online now!

What is a Fashion Marketplace?

A fashion marketplace is an innovative new shopping concept that benefits both fashion retailers and consumers alike. Offering a vast range of fashion brands and lines, showcased in a single thriving retail space, fashion marketplaces allow consumers access to more products than one retailer alone could supply.

Versatility of location

Fashion marketplaces can be set up wherever there is available space to be leased, and offer the versatility of being able to be moved between different shopping hubs, which keeps the marketplace fresh and exciting. While shopping centres may increase or decrease in popularity over time, a shopping marketplace offers the benefit of always being on the pulse of fashion.

Leading fashion marketplace provider

100 Squared is a leading fashion marketplace provider, offering a global stage for talented designers to showcase their creations to a fashion forward audience. The company’s name is derived from the fashion platform they offer, which involves transforming 100 square metres of space into a unique retail concept. 100 Squared proudly offers luxurious boutique retail store fashion lines in an environment with the eclectic and relaxed feel of a local market.

Offering broad consumer appeal

The design concept delivered by 100 Squared allows retailers to market their lines to have the widest appeal to consumers, which not only leads to an increase in sales, but also provides a better shopping experience. As the marketplace is strategically located in an open area, it’s also more interactive for retailers and consumers.

Growing brands from a new fashion generation

Dedicated to growing brands from a new generation of fashion, 100 Squared sources fashion designers from garages, runways and markets. The company gives designers the opportunity to find a position in the fashion market, without having to invest in a retail store space, giving them an extra chance of finding success.

If you enjoyed this article and are interested in marketing your fashion label, you’ll also enjoy our article on “What does it take to launch a fashion brand?“. If you have any thoughts on our fashion marketplace concept, we’d love you to leave a comment!


100 Squared renews its lease at Westfield Sydney

Since launching 100 Squared in October 2010 at Westfield Sydney, 100 Squared has become the headquarters for the emerging fashion designer. A first to market concept delivering a never before seen retail setting.

100 Squared has now extended its lease at Westfield Sydney for a further term and has executed its new design concept as first seen at Melbourne Central last year. Further enhancing its platform of delivering the emerging designer an opportunity to showcase their inspiring and interesting work and presenting the consumer with a unique interaction and insight into people, brands and shopping.

Justin Levy, founder of 100 Squared said “The goal was to create a more contemporary and edgier space that strongly identified with the brand in its uniqueness and stretched the boundaries of retail design. The changeroom structure alone is made from over 3,000 strips of wood and 300 meters of solid timber framing. Working closely with Westfield leasing and design we have achieved a result that we are overwhelmingly happy with.”

“Inspiration was drawn from the notion of de-constructing traditional retail design by de-constructing space in a visual way. The idea was to break down the space visually and create an exciting in-store experience but with no surrounding walls. The changeroom centrepiece was designed as a playful piece of architecture that invites you to investigate the space.”

100 Squared Westfield Sydney is currently showcasing the best of Sydney’s local fashion talent including ToniMay, The Chic Hunter, Coco Liberace, Carpe Diem Jewellery, Get Frocked, TAJU and SJ Lauren.

100 Squared’s next new store launch will be at Highpoint Shopping Centre in October. Other 100 Squared locations include Westfield Bondi Junction, Westfield Miranda, Melbourne Central and Northland Shopping centre.

Design by StudioMKZ

Builders: Prostruct and Archiway Corp






Shop the city – Melbourne

Join us this weekend for Melbourne Central’s Shop the City!

We have an exclusive offer running from 5pm Friday 28th August – 7pm Sunday 30th August.

Including 15% off store wide and with any purchase you will go into the draw to win a $500 100 Squared wardrobe and a free styling session!

Plus the Melbourne CBD will be buzzing with 3 days of events, style, entertainment and food all weekend!



100 Squared collab with jade Tunchy

100 Squared is proud to be presenting a collaboartion with Jade Tunchy

Up and coming blogger Jade Tunchy will be taking over the 100 Squared instagram for 2 weeks.

Jade will be showcasing her style featuring the best 100 Squared designers, giving away product and running a competition where one lucky winner will win a $500 100 Squared gift voucher and a free styling session with Jade.

For all the details follow 100 Squared on Instagram @100squared_aus

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Video selling with Pitchi

Thinking about taking your product online but underwhelmed by the usual options? There’s a new online selling site in town and it’s making a bit of a splash. Check out the innovative new platform that’s changing retail and making it a lot more fun.

Pitchi is an Australian online portal for aspiring and established entrepreneurs seeking to conquer the digital space. Instead of uploading images and text Pitchi uses video to sell products, making it an interactive and engaging experience for buyers that establishes a more personal connection with the seller.

The process is pretty simple. Film a 60-second-or-less video pitch (a “Pitchi”, get it) of the item you want to sell and upload it onto the site with a handful of descriptive tags. Your video can then be viewed, shared, and your product bought. The format encourages fresh ideas and innovative sales techniques, with videos telling the story of a product or brand.

It’s an especially useful tool for designers because video can tell the buyer more about your product than could ever be expressed in a limited image and text listing. You can model a product from every angle, display how it is worn, drapes or how it will look in a certain environment, and get some dream action shots.

As an honest and dynamic alternative to other online marketplaces, Pitchi also encourages the pursuit of virality through video sharing. Pitchi videos can be embedded into content management systems and shared across social sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. A recent Nielsen Australian Multi-Screen Report found that watching consumer uploaded videos is one of the most engaging and common activities of internet users across computers, tablets or mobile phones, so obviously this is going to benefit sellers embracing video.

It’s free to sell on Pitchi so head over and see if it’s right for you. In the meantime, here are a couple of examples of sellers making the most of this cool new video format.

100 Squared now open at Wollongong Central

We are proud to announce that we are now open in the Gong!!

We have launched a XMAS pop-up location at Wollongong Central as part of the new centre launch.


One of the designers that will be selling her wares is local favourite Vanity Rage.

Find out about what drives Chantelle the owner of Vanity Rage.

What is the ‘story’ behind your brand?

Vanity RAGE is all about bringing girls an exciting shopping experience with friendly price tags. We are all about fun & relaxed fashion with an edge. The Vanity RAGE girl is feminine, confident, has a great sense of style & loves to accessorise. She understands the importance of looking good whilst maintaining comfort and loves to make her style her very own.
We strive to maintain freshness of style through regular new arrivals and only stock high quality labels. We keep our entire boutique under $60 & provide free postage via our website.

How did it materialise?
Vanity RAGE started purely as an online business (hobby) that extended Vanity RAGE attending many local markets & festivals. This is now our first semi-permanent store location in a major shopping centre!

What is the inspiration behind your designs / collections?
It is my personal love for style and fashion. I try and ensure my fun & creative side shines through every Vanity RAGE piece.

Where would you like to be in 2 years?
Vanity RAGE social media & brand awareness is continually increasing & we hope to focus on both our online store & pop up stores in the near future.
We would love to maintain a collaboration with 100 squared with the prospect of opening a permanent space both locally and interstate.




100 Squared launches new fitout concept at Melbourne Central

Since launching in October 2010 at Westfield Sydney, 100 Squared has become the global stage of choice for aspiring and talented designers to offer their creations and the destination of choice for a fashion forward audience.

100 Squared has now launched a new site at Melbourne Central executing its new fitout design concept. Further enhancing its platform of delivering the emerging designer an opportunity to showcase their inspiring and interesting work.

Justin Levy, founder or 100 Squared said “The goal was to create a more contemporary and edgier space that strongly identified with the brand in its uniqueness and stretched the boundaries of retail design. With only 10 weeks for concept development and build it was a tight schedule and the roof structure took over 4,000 nuts and bolts to keep it together! But we are overwhelmingly happy with the result.”

Inspiration was drawn from the 100 Squared brand name and the notion of deconstructing traditional retail by de-constructing space in a visual way. With 100’s of squares, 100’s of thoughts, 100’s of ideas moving overhead. “It’s a roof but its more than a roof, it’s a space layered with spaces. Its sets boundaries and stretches boundaries. Felling like a space in change. A structure in fluctuation inviting you to investigate” says Greer from Innate Design.





Design by Innate Design and AYCH

Builders: One68

The space is currently showcasing the best of Melbourne’s local fashion talent including Amelia & Stone, Grandpa Funk, Kitsch Place by Fab, Miss Brown Vintage Clothing, Numi, Roseline Boutique and Sleep Couture.

100 Squared’s next new store launch will be at Westfield Miranda in November.

See what Ragtrader said about the new concept design

See what Inside Retailing said about the new design concept

100 Squared now open in London!

We are so proud to have launched our first International location in the fashion capital of the world.

Our mission is to be the global stage of choice for aspiring & talented designers to offer their creations and the destination of choice for a fashion forward audience!

Opening in London truly is a big leap to help achieve this. We have found some great local design talent and here is a snapshot of which designers are in the space.

If you are in London come down and visit us at 100 Squared Westfield London. Located on level 2 right outside the entrance to the Village.