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100 Squared now open in London!

We are so proud to have launched our first International location in the fashion capital of the world.

Our mission is to be the global stage of choice for aspiring & talented designers to offer their creations and the destination of choice for a fashion forward audience!

Opening in London truly is a big leap to help achieve this. We have found some great local design talent and here is a snapshot of which designers are in the space.

If you are in London come down and visit us at 100 Squared Westfield London. Located on level 2 right outside the entrance to the Village.

Dolcey & Duke art collab

Michelle Packwood is a Sydney based, Australian artist, designer and printmaker. A maker of objects and images. A creator. A destroyer. She is Dolcey & Duke, a name which is a representation of the innate balance that exists in the universe and the male and female energies which coexist in all of us.

Having grown up in sub-tropical rain forest nooks of South East Queensland and northern New South Wales’ border pocket, nature and its mysterious beauty has long been harvested in her vault of creativity. Obsessed with quantum physics, the cosmos, sacred geometry, nature, and all that it inherently stands for, her inspiration and search for understanding is endless.

After living in a treehouse on the north facing ridge of Currumbin Valley’s Tomewin Mountain she moved to Melbourne where she studied Graphic Design at Shillington College. Having had her dose of inner city bohemia she travelled through the South Americas, focusing mostly on the long extending edge that is Chile. After returning to her homeland 2 years ago she now finds herself in Sydney’s inner west living and creating from her NYC loft style studio space surrounded by numerous diverse creatives who she says provided an endless melting pot of ideas and inspiration.

Through her exploration of photography, digital image manipulation and nature Michelle creates kaleidescopic digital artworks and large scale kaleidoscopic gardens, which you can experience first hand in our 100 Squared locations within NSW.

The vivid lucid world of Dolcey & Duke wanders the woods, transcending the gaps between mechanical and organic structures. Uniting the two in digital organic harmony, the gap hastily fades into a natural fluidity of digital surrealism.

Conjured here is a 1960’s emporium of psychedelic nostalgia, reminiscent of Bridgette Riley and Pablo Amaringo. Inspired by the art Noveau movement, the Psychadelic Pop Art movement and the dream like work of Storm Thorgerson. The subject of focus for Dolcey & Duke; the mind body dualism and entoptic symmetrical compositions of the world around her. Dolcey & Duke prints mainly to fabric focusing on silks which adds to the natural tactility of the compositions. Observers are quickly taken in awe by kaleidoscopic monuments to nature.

Michelle is set to launch in 2014, Dolcey & Duke’s debut collection of limited edition prints on large silk scarves and soft furnishings.

Dolcey & Duke was engaged by 100 Squared to create a new print design for our changerooms.

The end result was mind blowing.

Check out some of the photos here!

For more information and visual wonders you can follow her on and say hello on her wall at